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Do you need help identifying the species of a baby bird?

Press the button above to see pics and descriptions of bird species groups. Find your baby bird in the list and confirm that you have made the correct identification.

Hint: You can scroll through the pictures and descriptions, or you can select the species or species group from the list in the left hand column to jump directly to the species group.

Press the button above to see questions that will help you determine the species of the baby.

If you do not already have a good idea of what the bird looks like, please take a QUICK, QUIET PEEK at the bird before you go to the questions. It is important to minimize contact with wild birds since their stress levels are raised by the unfamiliar sights and sounds of humans or other potential predators, such as pets.

Make note of the following features: (roll over the categories below with mouse to see specific questions)



Feet and Toes



Copyright 2008 by Erin Luther. These web pages are a publicly-accessible part of Wildlife Hotline Online. They are an identification guide for birds nesting in Southern Ontario.